Gestational Diabetes

GD as it is “fondly” called, was something unknown or unheard of until few years. Recently, many women are prone to this, due to their gross food habits, less physical activity and of course more stress associated with day to day life. I thought I was way far off from all of these….. I seriously didn’t have gross food habits, though I used to rarely enjoy eating outside. Once I started cooking, trying out at home gave me more satisfaction than grabbing stuff on the go. Secondly, after moving to the US, though turning to be a full time house wife, I always made it a point to go for long walks everyday ranging from 20 mins to almost 2hours sometimes, even if the winter was pathetic and snow showers were rocking the city. And Lastly, stress?? tension?? depression!??!?! what the heck is that?! But everything turned out to be of no help when you know its your body and its nature to behave weird (Ok…lets put it..not as expected) during pregnancy. And I started people telling me…. More and more Indian/Asian women are subjected to this Gestational Diabetes, mainly because our food is dependent on white rice and especially if you are a vegetarian all the more reason, because of lack of protein content in our food.

I’m not here to explain what a GD is, what are its complications, how to avoid or anything like that. I was not utterly devastated when the GTT results came out because something told me I’m going to have it and I started doing my “research” on how to really adjust your meal plan, diet and especially start adding more protein to your diet. Again, I’m a vegetarian, but survive on milk and eggs. So that came in really handy. I started having a log of what I have for every meal right from the amount of rice to veggies and portion. A registered dietitian will give you huge handbook of what to eat, how much carb to eat and every technical details of it. But how quick you can get innovative, adjust yourself to it is very important. Because its the most important part of everybody’s life and no one would want to mess up with it.

So here I try to come up with recipes that are quick and easy to make, of course trying to keep it low carb as well. Try and add as much as beans/lentils to any of the curry or kootu recipes. But always ensure to check for the carb/fiber/protein content per serving. Certain food might spike the blood sugar levels for certain people. You might have to try it on trial and error method.

Turnip/Carrots/Greens/Mung Dal Curry
Radish/Greens/Mung dal curry
Grated Beets/Black Chana curry
Cabbage/Carrots/Soaked peas curry
Brown rice with mixed beans
Bread Sandwich with vegetables
Mixed vegetable soup
Cream of vegetable soup


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