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Never in my dreams did I think, I would start writing…And that too a Food Blog! And off late, I still cannot come into terms with reality, that sometimes I end up cooking something different every other day for every meal, my husband would ask me…”When was it that we had sambar???” …As a kid or even adult should I say?!, not a single day would pass without having rasam and rice. But now, I lost count of days…when was it last I had rasam?! Ok… Now, after actually having started experimenting in my kitchen, there are few blogs that I love to check once in a while, as they would have similar experiences, more wonderful recipes to inspire me. So I’m trying to collect those and stock them up so that my bookmarks do not overflow.
Will keep updating them as and when I find more interesting blogs. As you see, most of these pertain to baking. It’s not that, I do lot of baking, but it’s one thing that I’m passionate about, other than doing the daily cooking.

Suma’s blog
Aparna’s blog
Raaga’s blog, The singing chef
Lisa’s kitchen
Latha’s Blog
Kristen’s Wednesday Baking
Indian cooking
Vegetarian and Vegan cooking
Helpful tips


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