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Red velvet Cake

Valentine’s day it is! Though the passion and love for my beloved husband just keeps growing day by day, the way I spill it out and how often I do that is just dwindling day by day…Our little one is now taking all our attention…Those twinkle and giggly moments you have with your loved one is just completely replaced by the twinkle we get to see in our little one’s eyes when we just make some stupid voices… Happiness needs no money and gifts is what I have started to learn now..But yes, I still understand that, that day is not far off when I have to pull her from all the toy aisle, seeing her cry her way out…Still I’m loving it.

This year, with all the might I managed to bake this wonderful Red Velvet cake that I have been eyeing on! With a little planning and hubby working from home, we managed to have it for our lunch! What an achievement indeed.

The recipe is exact copy fromĀ I had all fun getting my hands colored Red and a sense of relief when we cut into it and could see the yummy layers beneath. Go ahead and have your share of fun making this.


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